Class Viewing Dates

We hold class viewing days at the end of our first two terms and, when possible, during our third term.


Please note that not all classes have watching days during the third term due to recital preparation.


Unfortunately in the past we have had a large number of disturbances that greatly upset classes (and students). Please respect both our students and teachers by adhering to the below guidelines:

– Due to limited space we ask that we keep spectators to a maximum of two per child.

– Please respect the teachers and students on viewing days and do not bring siblings into the dance room unless they can sit still and quietly throughout the entire lesson.

– No food or drink is to be brought into the dance room please.

– Classes will stop a few minutes earlier than normal on these days to give spectators time to exit the dance room before the next lesson is due to start to ensure all classes run to time.

– If you would like to video any part of the lesson please check with the teacher and other parents first. Please be respectful if you are asked not to film.

– Please remember that not all children are comfortable with people watching them. Their behaviour can alter on watching days due to embarrassment and they may lose concentration if distracted. Some teachers will be very nervous with you watching.  We ask that all spectators remain quiet throughout the class to ensure the children and teachers all feel comfortable and you see their best work.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.