Ballet Advanced 1

  • Prerequisite: 
    • Completed Advanced Foundation, or equivilant, to exam standard
    • Students wishing to sit the RAD Advanced 1 exam must have passed the RAD Intermediate ballet exam (Advanced Foundation exam is not compulsory)
  • Uniform Requirements:
    Exam leotard: Royal Blue "Rani" style leotard
    Ballet tights
    Pink leather ballet shoes
    Demi-Pointe shoes
    Pointe shoes
    Male students - teacher will advise
  • Advanced One ballet is our fourth "senior school" level ballet class and the fourth RAD major examination. Students are further coached on the fundamental steps, linking steps and combinations of  classical and free-movement ballet styles, as well as beginning to learn more complicated ballet steps. Pointe work is continued and increased slightly at this level. Exercises and combinations have a strong focus on technique, detail, style and performance.
  • At this senior level, those wishing to sit exams are required to have a strong dedication to their work.
  • Students in Advanced 1 ballet have the opportunity to enter a RAD Examination, NZAMD Medal Test and/or to perform in our annual End of Year Recital. Students wishing to sit the Intermediate RAD examination are required to attend at least three exam classes per week during term times. Additional classes are also strongly advised.
  • Progression: Advanced 1 ballet progresses on to Advanced 2.

Recital Information

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Information currently available includes:

  • Performance dates and times
  • Extra rehearsl dates and times
  • Theatre rehearsal dates
  • Any class time changes for term 4



Grooming Information for all Dancers

Does your dance teacher nag you about your hair? Taking off your jumper in class? Being appropriately groomed?
Do you know why!? She’s preparing you for life out in the world.
Wear your uniform with pride.
Be ready for class, show you have prepared, show that you are ready, show that you care.
Look like a dancer – feel like a dancer … casual clothes in class equals a casual mind.
Show up, look the part, don’t hide under jumpers. Your body is your instrument – show it so you can grow.
Be ready to receive corrections with humility and grace – they are your teachers gift to you.
When you hide, you avoid feedback. When you get no feedback, that’s when you should start to worry… Your teacher has given up – She doesn’t want to ask you to take off your jumper or fix your Bun, one more time, do this yourself, and be ready. Be humble and hungry. This is why good grooming is important.

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