What is a Medal Test?

NB: Medal tests are optional


2017 NZAMD Medals have now been completed.

2018 information will be posted early next year.

Entry Form:

Entries Due:

Fees: We do not invoice for medal test fees – these are just to be paid if wishing to enter.


2017 Examiner:

2017 Exam Dates:

  • Friday August 18th – Sunday August 20th
    • Medal Test and Exam dates for middle school and senior students
    • Middle school students are students in Primary Ballet and above, Junior Jazz and above, Junior 1 Hip Hop and above and Contemporary students
    • Some Primary Ballet and Junior Jazz students will have their medal during the June 25th sitting – please check for email sent out 16/05/2017
    • Friday 18th and  Sunday 20th will be held at the Papanui studio for Papanui, Ferrymead and Sumner students
    • Saturday 19th will be held at Greenpark Hall for Ladbrooks/Greenpark, Oaklands and Lincoln students
    • Practices will be held on Saturday August 12th (Greenpark Hall) and Sunday August 13th (Papanui Studio)
    • Please be aware that over these days medals and/or exams may be scheduled during school time



Entering the correct level: Medal Test Progression Chart

If this is your child’s first years entering a medal test, their class teacher will have indicated the appropriate level to enter on the indication sheets handed out towards the end of term one.

If you child has previously sat a medal test, they will progress onto the next level. Some children who have completed their junior medals may not be old enough to progress onto intermediate levels. Ballet students must be in at least Grade 4 and jazz students in at least Grade 3 to sit their intermediate bronze medal. Hip Hop and Contemporary students may enter intermediate levels at their teachers discretion.

Conditions of Entry:

  • Attend required weekly lessons during terms 1, 2 and 3:
    • Students sitting a Junior – Intermediate Bronze medals need to attend one exam class per week to learn their dance
    • Students sitting an Intermediate Silver medal or higher need to at least of Grade Three level. Also they are to attend one exam class per week to learn their dance and, if required, may be asked to attend a second class to learn their second dance.
  • Students must reach required standard – teachers will advise.
  • All students entering NZAMD medals will be required to attend a mock Medal Test session (to be held one weekend before Medal Test Day)
  • Please do not enter the medal test unless you can be available on all the above dates.
  • No refunds will be given for change of mind or if you cannot attend your medal time.
  • If you can attend you medal test due to injury or sickness, a credit with NZAMD may be organised if a mediacal certificate is provided.
  • No entries will be accepted if any term fees or other payments are outstanding.
  • No entries will be accpeted without the completed entry form and full payment or entry fees.

Entry Fees:                                                                                      

Prices include examination fee set by the NZAMD, mock medal test and all medal test day related costs.

Please check with your teacher if you are unsure of your level

Medal Level Medal Fee
Junior Bronze  $
Junior Silver  $
Junior Gold  $
Intermediate Bronze  $
Intermediate Silver  $
Intermediate Gold $
Senior Bronze  $
Senior Silver  $
Senior Gold  $


General Medal Test Information