Recital 2018 – Sunday December 9th

    • Location – Isaac Theatre Royal
    • All term fees must be paid in full before recital day, including any late entry fees
    • Our annual recital  is held at the end of the year and showcases the hard work of all our students. The recital is a fun and exciting opportunity for students to perform onstage for family and friends. For most it is the highlight of the dancing year.

Recital Terms and Conditions

  • PLEASE READ – up to date recital information
  • Fees and Enrolment 2018  – more details coming soon
  • All Students need to:
    • Attend regular class lessons
    • Attend any extra lessons scheduled
    • Attend all rehearsals
    • Participate in all performances your class is scheduled for (unless alternative arrangements are approved)
  • All caregivers need to:
    • Read all information about the recital that is given in paper form or posted on the website
    • Check the website regularly for updates and new information
  • Any exceptions to the above are at the discretion of the school

Importance of Rehearsals:

Attending rehearsals means that children will feel more at ease during their recital. They will be more comfortable dancing in a new area. They will be familiar with the set of the stage and with having other performers and side of stage helpers around them.

If a child misses a rehearsal it does not only impact on them, but the other children in their group who can become disorientated.

To ensure the performances run smoothly, our student are asked to attend rehearsals in the weeks leading up to their recital. Most students will have to take part in TWO or THREE extra rehearsals – A full show put-together as well as a theatre rehearsal and a possible “put-together” rehearsal if dancing with another class.