Medal Tests

We currently offer Medal Tests through the New Zealand Association of Modern Dance:

What is a Medal Test?

Medal Tests are a performance based assessment where students have the opportunity to perform a dance they learn during class time.

Medal Awards, particularly at Junior levels, are aimed at encouraging students to dance, allowing them to perform in front of a small audience, in a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere. They are also a good stepping stone towards examinations .

Performance is important at all levels.

Students will also be provided a costume for their medal tests, but please be aware that their class uniform may also be required.

Make up and accessories may also be used. These can add to the sense of fun and performance intended with these Medal Awards.

Students  receive their medal, along with a report card, during their Medal Test session.


Junior level students perform with a partner. Intermediate and senior level students perform solo.


Awards can be gained at three levels (junior, intermediate and senior) with each having three categories – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Students may sit more than one Medal Award per session.