Medal Test Progressions

Students in beginner (school-aged) level classes and above are able to enter medal tests.

We offer medal tests for Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Contemporary

Progression Chart (for all styles):

Junior Bronze
Junior Silver
Junior Gold

From here children progress to Intermediate levels which are graded. Some children who have completed their Junior medal may still be too young, not technically ready or not in a high enough grade to progress to Intermediate level medals yet. Due to this there are certain criteria that must be meet:

  • Intermediate dances are expected to have a certain level of difficulty and should be longer than dances performed at the Junior level.
  • Jazz students must be at Grade 3 level or higher
  • Ballet student must be at Grade 4 level or higher
  • Hip Hop and Contemporary students can only enter at teacher discretion
  • Students who preform in students may be able to enter intermediate levels before reaching the appropriate grades – but only at teacher discretion

PLEASE check with your teacher before entering your first Intermediate medal. Any entries that do not meet the above criteria will not be accepted.


Progression Chart (for all styles) continued:

Intermediate Bronze
Intermediate Silver
Intermediate Gold
Senior Bronze
Senior Silver
Senior Gold