Mission Statement

Anna Lee School of Dance provides an extremely high standard of technical training to all students in a supportive environment. This enables all students to be the best dancer they can be while also catering for all levels of commitment.


At every class our goal is to give the best instruction possible to every student, to help each one reach their full potential, and to help each student achieve an appreciation for the art of dance.

We strive to be the very best at teaching all classes in a technically correct, safe, disciplined and fun environment. Benefits provided include feeling good, personal development, improved co-ordination, balance, and self-esteem.


We believe that in order for Anna Lee School of Dance to be the very best dance school, all staff members must possess core values and beliefs such as honesty, integrity, trust, and respect.
All teachers and staff are to apply these core values in all their dealings with other staff members to build a professional, high quality team.
The core values are also to be applied in all teaching and in all contact and communication with parents.
All teachers must display a passion for dance, be energetic, a desire to work hard, and have a high level of belief in themselves and their abilities as a teacher.

In all professional and business relations, this dance school and its professional dance teachers shall exhibit respect, honesty, and integrity for themselves, clients, and colleagues. The dance school and its professional dance teachers shall also work in a positive and cooperative manner with other individuals, dance professionals and organisations.